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How to Make Your Book Newsworthy: 5 Publicist Tips

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How to Make Your Book Newsworthy, There are three types of book promotion and coverage: earned, paid, and owned.

How to Make Your Book Newsworthy, There are three types of book promotion and coverage: earned, paid, and owned. 안전한 카지노사이트

Earned coverage, also known as book publicity, is the most difficult to obtain.

It can be understandably intimidating because it removes so much control from the author’s hands and places it in the hands of media professionals

Writers, and editors who can choose what to publish and push out to their mass audiences.

That being said, there are a few things authors can do to differentiate themselves from competitors pitching for the same print and/or digital space.

Here are five simple starting points:
Build relationships by researching and following journalists.

Warm leads and connections (people you already know personally and/or professionally) are far more likely to provide coverage than cold ones.

Take note of the journalists who are writing articles, features, reviews, and content related to your book’s key themes as you comb through your ideal placement outlets.

Then, start following their professional profiles on social media (LinkedIn and Twitter are the most popular platforms for media professionals)

And start engaging with their content — ask questions, leave comments, like, repost, or share, for example.

It increases the likelihood that when you contact those individuals about covering your book, they will recognize your name and respond.

Sign up for industry newsletters to receive quote opportunities.

Journalists will occasionally search industry newsletters such as HARO, ProfNet, and Quoted for sources for their stories.

By subscribing, you will receive leads directly to your email, often multiple times per day!

It may take some scrolling to find requests related to your area of expertise, but these queries cover a wide range of topics such as lifestyle

Entertainment, business and finance, medicine, travel, politics, and more.

Journalists like to allude to the relevance and authority of their sources, so make sure to bring up your book, whether it is published or upcoming.

You can do this by mentioning the book in your bio, “Jane Doe is the author of Title: Subtitle (publisher),” and/or including “Author” as a title in your signature.

This is especially useful for nonfiction authors who want to build their platform — appearing as an expert in a related article could bring some attention to your book.

Keep an eye on the news cycle for pitching opportunities.

It may seem obvious, but it’s critical to follow the outlets where you’d like your book to be covered and engage with their content by sharing their articles with your network

Leaving comments, and following them on social media. What kinds of stories do they publish? Who are they questioning?

What topics do you notice coming up again and again each week? These are the key media angles you can employ to pique their interest. 카지노사이트

For example, if you’re a finance author writing a book about how to save money, you can pitch your tips

And advice to journalists who have written about recent recessions or interviewed other finance experts.

Outline key points from your book.

If you weren’t already a list-maker, you are now! Go over your book chapter by chapter and write down your key takeaways for each one.

When looking for takeaways, consider the following questions:

What issues am I attempting to address in this chapter, and what solutions am I proposing?

Are the top 3-5 tips or pieces of advice that this chapter will teach a reader?

What would the headlines or titles be if I assigned a headline or title to each main idea in this chapter?

Keep in mind the 5 Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Some key takeaways for the finance expert in our example above could be

“Where to cut spending in your day-to-day life” from chapter 1 and “What kind of savings accounts to consider” from chapter 2.

Make a list and refer to it as you watch the news cycle to see where there is a good fit.

You may notice that one day a major piece appears in a notable outlet, and the next day reporters

Are searching for experts on that topic in the industry newsletters you’ve subscribed to.

Examine your list to see which takeaways readers could most benefit from.

When sending pitches and responding to requests, make sure to include

The top three most relevant takeaways for the current news cycle as talking points.

Prepare your pitch template for use.

A pitch is a type of communication that is intended to persuade a journalist to cover you, your expertise, and/or your book.

It could be a press release, email, or letter that is ready to be updated and distributed as needed.

Each pitch will be slightly different depending on the outlet and journalist you’re contacting

And it will need to be updated over time due to the ever-changing news cycle

But the bulk of it should remain the same:

This should include a line or two about the book, including its publication date (if it’s pre-publication),

A retail link, key messaging, and a little bit about you.

Your background, and where they can learn more about you (author website, social media handles, etc.)

Make sure your website and book’s retail link are hyperlinked so that the journalist can easily click to follow and learn more.

The pitch can then be updated with a relevant and timely introduction paragraph

Angle, and call-to-action tailored to the intended audience.

When you do get coverage for your book, make sure to share it on social media and your website

Giving credit to the appropriate media professional and outlet by tagging them in your post.

The outlet may be more eager to reshare your post than create their own; 카지노 블로그

Make it easy for them to do so by sharing and tagging as soon as the run link is live.

This will not only help you to make more connections and expand your network,

But it will also keep your branded content up to date and optimized for search engine algorithms.

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